Willkommen / Welcome

Willkommen / Welcome
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Wichtige Informationen / Important information:

Dieser Blog soll nicht nur eine Sammlung sein für alle, die wie ich Gedichte, Texte und einfach alles zum Thema Hund mögen, sondern auch eine Anerkennung für alle Autoren und Künstler, die uns mit ihren Werken große Freude bereiten, manchmal Trost spenden oder uns die Augen öffnen möchten für Missstände.

This blog should not only be a collection for all who like me love poems, texts and simply everything about dogs, it should also give kudos to all authors and artists who give us with their work great pleasure and sometimes solace or want to open our eyes for outrage.


Ausgenommen meine eigenen Arbeiten, unterliegen alle in dieser Sammlung veröffentlichten Gedichte, Zitate, Geschichten etc. dem Urheberrecht des jeweiligen Verfassers. Leider ist mir dieser in den wenigsten Fällen bekannt. Ich möchte mich bei allen Autoren entschuldigen, die ich nicht namentlich erwähnt habe. Ich arbeite daran, die Autoren zu finden. Wer hier einen eigenen Text findet, dem wäre ich für eine Nachricht dankbar. Ich werde dann einen entsprechenden Hinweis (und/oder Link) ergänzen oder den Text umgehend entfernen.
Das Urheberrecht für meine eigenen Texte, Fotos und selbst erstellten Grafiken liegt allein bei mir. Kopieren oder jegliche Art von Weitergabe oder Veröffentlichung ist untersagt.

Copyright for all published poems, stories, quotes: The respective author. Usually I don't know the author. I would like to apologize to all authors I don't mention. I’m working to find the authors. If you find your own work I would be grateful for an appropriate message. Then I'll add a notice (and/or a link) or will remove the text immediately.
Copyright for my own writings, photos and graphics: Isa of Mayflower. Copying, spreading or any type of publication is prohibited.


Allowing dogs to sniff helps them think positively

New research shows that allowing dogs to exercise their noses is good for them.

A dog's nose is a work of art and they need to use it.

Most dogs like to sniff when they're on the go. It's been estimated that they sniff around 33% of the time when they're moving here and there and this is how they pick up all sorts of information about who's been there, whether a female is reproductively active (we don't know about males), how big they are, and perhaps what they're feeling.

Allowing dogs to take their time getting to know each other’s marks (prior to face-to-face interactions) might therefore help dogs have smoother introductions, giving them more social cues to guide their behaviors. (For more details, see "When Small Dogs Pee, Are They Saying It's Really Not Me?")

The bottom line is simple: Let a dog's walk be for them, and if they're pulling you here and there with their nose pinned to the ground and occasionally snorting, let them do it. I've often thought that not allowing dogs to sniff and to exercise their nostrils and other senses could be a form of sensory deprivation.


7 habits of wonderful pet parents

I admit it. I’m “one of those dog moms”. You know, the ones that are crazy about their dogs and love to talk about dogs, and schedule their lives around their dogs? That’s me. My dogs are my life- they’re my fur-kids and my source of joy and comfort.

After I lost my Great Dane and best friend Truman to doggie cancer, I was devastated. I never thought I’d recover and surely never believed I could love another dog. Time passed, and I fell in love again and found there really was room in my heart for a new dog. I wanted to be the very best pet parent possible, for Truman’s memory and for the sake of all the dogs I’ll love for the rest of my life. I wanted to do it better. So I set out to learn what the best pet parents do. Here’s what I found.

1. They know their dogs.

And I’m not talking about knowing what time they eat or how many times they pooped that day, these pet parents really know their dogs. If the dog is anxious, cranky, overly tired, scared, or lonely these parents pick up on it instantly. It’s almost like they have ESP and can read the dog’s mind!I later learned they were just really, really good at reading doggie body language and had observed their dogs’ normal behavior very closely in the past. When anything unusual occurred, it was a red flag for them because they were always tuned in to what their dogs were doing, even when they were busy other things.


My name is Chester

Hello, my name is Chester,
My family calls me Chet,
I am about to tell you,
The most amazing story yet,
Let me tell you about
My wonderful family
It consists of my mom and dad,
And a precious girl named Emily,
Some people call Emily special,
Others use a really bad name,
I just do what comes natural to a dog,
We love everyone the same
Emily is five years old now,
Her life started out a bit rough,
The family she was born into
Were going through times that were tough,
They said they didn't have what it takes,
To raise such a special girl,
So they put her up for something called adoption,
Thats when mom and dad entered her world,
My parents are really caring people,


Petition: Stoppt das Töten der Streuner in Ungarn!

Petition: Stoppt das Töten der Streuner in Ungarn!

Tausende Hunde und Katzen werden misshandelt, vernachlässigt oder ausgesetzt. Das muss aufhören.

Wir fordern die ungarische Regierung auf, ein Gesetz zu erlassen, das den Schutz von Haustieren und den ethischen Umgang mit Streunern regelt:  

·       Registrierungspflicht für alle Hunde und Katzen
·       Kastrierungspflicht für alle Hunde und Katzen
·       Einführung des Strafrechts für Verbrechen an Tieren

Bitte Petition hier unterzeichnen.

© 2019 Jeder Tag zählt e.V.

Dealing with the loss of a dog?

Dealing with the loss of a dog? Here are 10 tips to help you grieve

Dealing with the loss of a dog can feel impossible. Here are some tips to help manage the pain.

There are few things worse than losing a beloved pet. As a loyal and loving family member, you become accustomed to sharing daily life with your four-legged friend. When they go for the final walk across the Rainbow Bridge, the pain can seem unmanageable. If you recently lost a pup, here are 10 ways to help you deal with the heartbreaking loss of a dog.

Allow Yourself Time to Grieve

Like losing anyone in your life, time is necessary for grieving. While there are always a million things on your to-do list, allowing yourself the time and space to grieve is crucial. There is no “set” amount of time for grieving a pet; take as much time as you need to fully experience your emotions.


The tale of Noushy

I share this because it touches my heart and I hope someone in the UK has a place for Noushka.


The tale of Noushy

She is loved by people, and always well fed.
She has plenty of bones and a big squishy bed.
But one thing she longs for and try as we might
Is a forever home, to lay her head down at night

See the thing is with Noushy, through no fault of her own.
She came to the Centre so she'd not be alone.
For over two years, she's watched and she's waited.
Two years too long for her life to be wasted!

She's watched the small and the young, come in and then go.
Done her best to 'wow' people, but so far's it’s a no.
The staff know her well, her quirks and her ways.
It's been a long time for bonding, 730 days!

In the morning she sings you the most delightful 'song',
But her eyes give a look to say "what have i done wrong?"
She may be big and look somewhat hard
But she hops like a bunny all over the yard.

She'll wander the forest at a leisurely pace
But take a wrong turn, and she'll direct you with haste.
Noushy walks with all dogs, the big and the small
But give her some space, to play fetch with her ball.

She's smart and she's bored, so the staff try their best.
Every puzzle feeder and kong have been put to the test.
She is such a sweet girl with so much to give,
She's looking for her family, not just somewhere to live.

And because nobody should spend Christmas alone,
Please share far and wide ...
Let’s find Noushy her home.

If you would like to meet Noushka, please call or pay us a visit. We know she’d love to meet you!


Silvester: Hunde und Feuerwerk - Checkliste

Advice on pets and fireworks

Der Europäische Gerichtshof (EuGH) hat 2014 entschieden, dass im Regelfall keine Urheberrechte verletzt werden, wenn Website-Betreiber sogenannte framende Links setzen. Dies geschieht zum Beispiel, wenn YouTube-Videos auf einer Internetseite eingebunden werden.
In 2014 the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided that normally no copyrights are violated if website operators use so-called framed links. This happens for example when YouTube videos on a website are included.

Fireworks season (2)


Silvester / New Year's Eve

Meine Hunde bleiben total cool, aber ich weiß, viele Hunde haben Angst und leiden. Deshalb: /
My dogs stay cool but I know many dogs are afraid. Therefore:

(© Gabi Stickler)


Vielen Dank an Gabi Stickler für ihre  freundliche Genehmigung, ihre Fotos auf meinem Blog veröffentlichen zu dürfen. Weitere ihrer großartigen Fotos hier.

I would like to thank Gabi Stickler for her kind permission to publish her photos on my blog. You can find more of her great photos here.